Cloning a Checklist allows you to duplicate an existing Checklist on your account. 

Use the Clone feature for...

  • Two processes that are similar, but have different use cases. 
  • Moving Tasks and files over to another Checklist without manually copying and pasting. 
  • Templatize! Get started on a new Checklist without having to redo all of the work you (or someone on your team) has already done. 

Note: If you want to use the pre-made Checklist templates as a starting point, follow the steps in this article: Create a Checklist from Template

To Clone a Checklist you've created, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Navigate to Checklists on the left-side navigation menu. 

Step 2: Find the Checklist that you want to Clone. This can be one that you created or one that someone else has made available to you.

Step 3: Click the menu at the bottom-right of the Checklist and scroll down to "Clone." 

Step 4: Make any edits to ensure the process is exactly how your team should be executing it.  

Step 5: Publish the Checklist to your team. 

Repeat this process for your new Checklist or any other as many times as you need!

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