Before we get into the specific technical steps of creating a Checklist in Praxio, remember that you are documenting the step-by-step process for completing a very specific task. A Checklist is not a Training.   

For additional tips on creating a standardized template for effective documentation on your team, add the Build a Checklist fro Scratch template to your Praxio account. 

To create a Checklist, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Checklist” menu option in your home screen. 

Step 2: Select "New Checklist."

Note: You can also Create a Checklist from a Template if you want to get started quickly. 

Step 3: On the next page click Add Task, and start to Add your Tasks and corresponding Subtasks. 

Fill in your Checklist with the steps your team will need to perform to effectively complete the given task. 

Step 4: Add your Checklist title. 

The title will default to today's date, but we recommend changing it as soon as you know the name of the action being completed by the Checklist. It should be a statement of the action itself (i.e. "Bake a Cake," rather than "How to Bake a Cake.") 

Step 5:  Click the Advanced Options menu.  

Step 6: Categorize your Checklist. 

You’ll have the option to select a predetermined Category or create one yourself. The Categories are related to the department or subject and should simply organize your Checklist into the appropriate Category.  

Step 7:  Add your Prerequisites.

Select the relevant Training in your Prerequisite field (this step is optional). 

Step 8: Add your Checklist Description. 

The Description should be a restatement of what will be achieved after completing the Checklist; it is a concise definition of your purpose and why your Checklist matters. 

At this point, the Checklist will only be available to you. You will need to Publish it for other users to be able to access it. 

Step 9: Publish the Checklist to your team. 

And that's it! Now you can start making Checklists for every task you or someone on your team will need to complete more than once. 

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