Step 1: Navigate to the Marketplace.  

Step 2: Choose the Training you want to add to your account. You'll find a range of subjects available to access- all by experts in the field. 

Step 3: Select the quantity of Trainings you'll need (one for each team member who needs access). 

You'll be able to Publish the Training to the appropriate members of your team as soon as you complete the download process so they can get started today.

Step 4: Click "Buy" to complete the purchase and start downloading the content. 

Praxio will default to charge the card on file for your monthly billing. If you need to change the card that will be charged, chat with us!

Note: Admins, Managers, and Users will need to request that the purchase be made on their behalf by the SuperAdmin on the account.  

Step 5: Find the Training in the "Drafts" section of your Trainings. 

Step 6: Make any edits to ensure that the Training includes any additional context your team might need. 

Step 7: Publish the Training and Assign it to your team with a Due Date. 

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