Creating a team allows you to Assign content to an entire team rather than to individuals one by one! It allows you to track the performance of everyone on a team, and make content available to only a specific set of users by Publishing content to a specific team. 

To create a team, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to "Team" on the left-side navigation bar. 

Step 2: Select Create Team. 

Step 3: Name your team.

The name can be anything you choose, but it may help to set up your teams just like you've set up the company organization structure. A team should include any users that will likely need to access similar content regularly. 

Step 3: Find your new team. Your new team should be at the very top of your Team page. 

Step 4: Start adding users to the team. 

You'll either need to Invite a New User or organize your current users by moving them into a Team. 

You can drag users into the new Team or search for them by clicking "Add User to Team."

Step 5: Add new users and sort them into the appropriate Team. 

Any new users you add to this team will automatically be Assigned all of the content you've previously Assigned to the team. 

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