Before changing any user permissions, check out the quick review of User Roles and Permissions

SuperAdmins and Admins may change the roles of users on their account. Follow the steps below to make changes to user permissions:

Step 1: Navigate to "Team" in the menu on your left. 

Step 2: Ensure the "Teams" tab is selected, not the "Users" tab, or "Performance."

Step 3: Find the user you'd like to update.

You'll see their current role type to the right of their name. 

Step 4: Click on the ellipses (3 dots) located on the right side of the card. 

You will see a list of the available role types.

Step 5: Select the role you would like to change the user to and confirm the change. 

The user will not receive a notification of the change, but the next time they access their account, the permissions will be updated with the changes.  

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