Document your processes using Checklists. 

Checklists are a set of how-tos and tasks that walk users through the step-by-step completion of a repeatable objective or project. 

Checklists are your digital to-do list for projects and processes that you can literally check-off as you go. 

By the time you complete a Checklist, you'll already have completed the task AND double-checked that everything is ready to go before you hire your new employee, launch a new campaign, deploy a scope of new features, or go live on your new podcast. 

Checklists ensure that you and your team are performing your most important processes consistently and correctly every time. 

There are many ways to use Checklists in Praxio: 

Checklist Categories allow you to organize and manage your Checklists so only the people who need to access the information see it. 

The Checklist tab in your navigation menu will allow you to see all Checklists that have been Published in your account. 

Publish a Checklist to complete your upcoming project ASAP. 

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