Trainings are your opportunities to provide in-depth context, training, and knowledge for your team to fully understand an entire concept. 

Trainings are a set of Modules containing multiple Lessons. You can include a Resource or Quiz (or both) in every Lesson to ensure the highest level of comprehension. 

Trainings can be both sequential and non-sequential. Traditional, sequential Trainings force the user to finish each section before moving on, and the user must complete them in the designated order. However, for some Trainings it's just not necessary to learn this way...this is where non-sequential Trainings come in! A non-sequential Training allows your team to complete their lesson in any order they wish, without a strict structure guiding them from one lesson to the next.

If you need some help getting started on creating your first training, check out the Marketplace and get access to Trainings like these:  

And best of all, Praxio gives you the ability to create your own Trainings specific to your team. The separate videos, files, and quizzes you have for onboarding new employees can now go in one, succinct Training (or a few if you prefer!). 

Trainings ensure that your new manager knows the importance of regular one-on-ones, how to effectively manage people, and how to create a culture that people want to come to work in everyday. Trainings are the foundation of Praxio and the catalyst to uplevel your entire organization. 

There are multiple ways to utilize Trainings for you and your team:

Training Categories allow you to organize and manage your Training so that only the people who need to access the information see it.

The Trainings tab in your navigation menu will allow you to see all Trainings that have been Published in your account, either by you or someone else on your team.  

Publish a Training to start building out your plan for getting your employees up to speed and prepared to succeed. 

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