As a Praxio member, you'll have access to the following permissions and capabilities inside of your Praxio account. 

To change a user's permissions, check out this article. 

Viewer Permissions

Viewer: View-only permissions- these users will not be able to create any content or view any other users on the account. They only have access to view the content that has been Published to them. 

Contributor Permissions

Contributor: Your basic content creator- everyone that will not manage a team or other users on the account, but should have the ability to create content. 

Manager Permissions

Manager: Everyone that will need to manage a team or content for other users. 

Admin Permissions

Admin: The highest level of permissions for a non-purchaser. 

SuperAdmin Permissions

SuperAdmin: The purchaser of the account, has access to all billing-related information. 

If you are an Admin or above,  check out this article to learn how to change a user's permissions. 

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