We made some major changes this month to help you reach your goals of creating better training and documentation for your team in 2019. 

Pssst...... in case you missed it, we made a big name change (keep reading!) 

We are always working hard to make Praxio the platform you need so you can share the information your team needs.  

Here are the major changes you saw this month: 

1. We changed the name of Playbooks to Checklists

We hope you don't mind us simplifying things a bit!... Playbooks are Checklists. It's time to call it like it is. You started to see this transition in the Help Center and throughout the app this month. 

2. Search for content in Praxio. 

We can now officially call ourselves a Company Wiki. We know it is impossibly hard to ask your users to use Praxio for their everyday work when they are not able to search for what they need. That's over now with the launch of the global search function in Praxio- allowing all users to search for Checklists and Training that have been Published to them. 

3. We've simplified the Checklist builder. When you need a Checklist, you usually need to make it fast, and probably already have a good idea of what the first few items are. We removed the requirement for a description and condensed the building process to a single page. 

4. You'll now see the same font size and spacing across the whole app for a more professional and streamlined platform.  

5. The process for uploading videos in Checklists has been improved with greater clarity on file limitations. 

6. As a SuperAdmin, you now have more clarity on the permissions an Admin has when you add them to your account. 

As always, thank you for your feedback. Praxio is YOUR product. Please continue to help us make it the tool YOU need. Explore the Help Center for tips on making use of these new features and remember... 

... you can always submit feedback and requests here or chat with us directly!
And be sure to keep up with our
public roadmap!

Happy January!

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