Fully utilize Praxio as your company wiki with search. Praxio search allows you to find any Training, or Checklist within seconds so you can get back to learning or doing right away. 

Praxio's global search will populate all types of content available to you. You can also filter the search based on these content types. 

You'll see results for content in the Marketplace as well, so you can quickly add more content to your library based on key subjects you're looking for. 

For best search results....

  • Use keywords in content titles

  • Search for terms in the content descriptions 

  • Create effective content titles that outline exactly what the user will learn (especially for Checklists) 

  • Write complete descriptions for each piece of content you create

Search results are populated based on the title of the content and the description you've created for the piece of content, so make them effective and help your team find what they are looking for. 

Note: Only content that you have created or that has been Published to you will appear in your search results.

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