You have the ability to seamlessly navigate between multiple Praxio Accounts under the same email address by following the steps below:

If you are trying to access a SubAccount that you manage through your Enterprise account, refer to the articles in the "Manage Your Enterprise Account" section. 

Note: You will need to confirm your email address even if you have already logged into Praxio under a different Account in the past.

Check out this article if you have any trouble logging in. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Praxio sign-in page. 

Step 2: Sign in to your Account.

You will have a single password associated with your email address. Once you confirm your account, you'll use or create a new password that you will use to access all of your Praxio accounts (as long as they are under the same email address). 

Step 3: Select the Account you want to login to from the Accounts page.

Your user type for each account will be listed below the company logo.
You will only have access to this page if you have multiple Praxio accounts (including any SubAccounts you are the Admin on). 

You will automatically be logged into the account you select. 

Step 4: Navigate to your profile image in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

Step 5: To switch Accounts, Click the Profile Image and select  "Sign Into Another Account" from the Pop Up Menu.

You will return to the Accounts page where you can choose which account you want to log into again. 

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