Using the Import function, you can quickly add more than one user to your account, and even pre-select the team they should all be added to in just a few simple clicks. 

Follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Navigate to Team. 

Step 2: Create all the Teams that you wish to add your users to. 

(You don't have to do this right now, but it will make your life easier later on. Otherwise, you'll have to move all the users out of "Uncategorized" and into their own Teams). By creating the Teams now, you can automatically Import users directly to a Team. 

Step 3: Click the drop down under "Invite Users" and select "Import."

Step 4: Download the sample of the document format. 

Step 5: Open the file with a CSV editor.

Step 6: Input all the user's information following the format in the sample. 

Add the Team name that you want the user(s) to be added to. Make sure the Team already exists in Praxio. 

Step 7: Save the file as a CSV. 

Step 8: Select "Choose a file" and select the CSV. 

Your users will all receive an invite email to get started. 

Step 9: Confirm that all of the users were added to a Team and the data is correct. 

Step 10: Begin Publishing and Assigning content to your new users. 

To add just one user, follow the steps to Invite a New User. 

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