Pulse is where you'll communicate what matters to your team. 

Create a new Pulse by following the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Pulse dashboard. 

(Don't see the Pulse option? You'll need to enable the feature). 

Step 2: Click the "New Post" button. 

Step 3: Title the Pulse. 

The title will be bolded and larger font than the text. Just like an email subject, make it something concise that will catch the user's attention. 

Here's an example of what the title will look like in the Pulse dashboard: 

Step 4: Type your content. 

Add any necessary links and information you need to share with your team. 

Step 5: Upload a picture or video, or record a video directly inside of Pulse. 

Step 6: Determine if the post should be Required Reading. 

Do you want everyone on your team to read the post? Check the "Required Reading" box. 

You will track the users who have read the post directly inside of Pulse, so you know who you'll need to followup with to make sure they have the information you post.  

Step 7: Choose to Pin the Announcement. 

Is the content in this Announcement important enough that you want it to appear at the top of the user's Pulse Dashboard until you decide to Unpin the Announcement? 

Pin the Announcement. 

Step 8: Select who will view the Announcement. 

You can choose to post the Announcement to any Team you are a member of or post it to the whole account. 

Step 9: Post your Announcement. 

When you post an Announcement, the relevant Audience will see it in their Pulse Dashboard, receive an email about the Announcement, and will see a notification in-app. 

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