Unable to find your Praxio invitation email?

There are a few reasons why that might be. Follow the steps below to find the email.

Step 1: Check your email inbox for this subject line: 

You've been invited to join Praxio.

Step 2: Check your email spam or junk folder for the email. 

Sometimes different email providers have stricter spam filtering settings than others and your email might have mistakenly been sent straight to your spam. 

Still haven't found it? Sorry about that! We'll need to resend it to you. 

Step 3:  Request a new invitation at https://app.praxio.com/users/sign_in

Step 4: Enter the email address you used during signup.  


Step 6: Check your email again for " You've been invited to join Praxio."

Step 7: If you were added to your team by a manager, they will need to Re-Invite You to the Team

Still didn't receive the email? Let us know! You can chat with us directly or send an email to support@praxio.com

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