As a SuperAdmin, you have the ability to create an entirely new account within your Master account. 

Note: Creating SubAccount is an Enterprise- only feature. Upgrade to Enterprise if you need to manage multiple accounts inside of Praxio. 

By creating a SubAccount, you are literally creating a second (or third, or fourth) account inside of your Master Praxio account. This capability allows you to manage Praxio content and access for multiple companies or groups of users.

What's the difference between a SubAccount and a Master account?

Everything. Except for you. Seriously, creating a SubAccount means you are creating an entirely new account. The only thing that will automatically transfer to the SubAccount is you (the SuperAdmin) and the billing information. 

You'll need to add...

  • Content to SubAccount
  • Teams
  • Users (and user roles)

Users on different SubAccount will not see each other, can create entirely different content that no other account will see, and SuperAdmins can share specific content with each account. 

Why would I create a SubAccount?

SubAccount are incredibly useful for SuperAdmins who manage multiple companies or who grant Praxio access to teams of people across different companies. 

For example....

Say you own a company on a franchise model. You've just brought on a new franchise. 

You want to give them access to all of the onboarding and ongoing Trainings. However, they don't need to see any of the internal corporate documentation or training. Create a SubAccount and add all of the Training and Checklists they need (and none that they don't). You can add an Admin to the account who will then be able to invite users and manage the account for their company. 

The SubAccount can now create their own culture of documentation. 

Check out our tips for managing and sharing content across SubAccount. 

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