SubAccounts allow you to create additional accounts under the Master account. They are great for Enterprise account owners who manage multiple companies or groups of people. 

Enterprise SuperAdmins can create a clone of their Master account or any other SubAccount by following the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Subaccounts- above your profile image in the bottom left-corner. 

As an Enterprise SuperAdmin, you'll see an option to adjust your Company Settings under your Profile Image. 

Step 2: Select the three dots at the bottom left of the account you wish to clone. 

Step 3: Click "Clone." 

Step 4: Confirm that you wish to copy all content from this account into the new SubAccount. 

Note: You can clone any account. So, if you have one SubAccount and one Master account, you can choose to clone the SubAccount, rather than the Master account. This is especially useful if you use the Master account for internal employees and use the SubAccounts to manage a franchise or a client's company.  

Step 5: Name the SubAccount. 

This should be consistent with the company's brand or any logo that will be added to the account. The name will be visible to all users on the SubAccount.

Step 6: Add an Account Owner. 

The Account Owner is the person that will be managing the ongoing use of the account, they will add the majority of the users, and will be in charge of managing the content and ensuring that all the SubAccount users are successful. This might be the HR Director or the Training Manager at the client's company. Add the "YOU" at the other company. 

Note: You may choose to add yourself as the Account Owner. However, we recommend you delegate the account management to someone at your client's company. 

The Account Owner will receive an email inviting them to join Praxio and log into their new account. 

Your new account will appear in your SubAccounts dashboard. 

Step 7: Select the three dots at the bottom left of the Account you just cloned. 

Step 8: Click Account Status. 

You'll be taken to the Users tab for the new account. You can invite users to the new account (or leave this task up to the Account Admin). 

Step 9: Navigate to the Content dashboard. 

All of the content from the account you cloned will be visible here.

Step 10: Click "Add" next to any of the content you wish to make available to the Admin on the account. 

Any content you select here will be visible in "Drafts" for the SubAccount Admin. The SubAccount Admin can then choose to Edit or Publish any and all of the content to the members of the Account. 

Step 11: Navigate to Settings. 

Do you want the Account Admin and all users to see the Marketplace and have access to the Pulse feature? If not, check the boxes to disable these features and click Save. 

That's it! Your SubAccount is now created and the Admin is ready to continue setting up the account by creating teams, adding members, creating and Publishing content. 

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