Every Published piece of content has an Audience. We believe in democratizing knowledge across the organization, so the default Audience will always be the whole account. 

So, what is an Audience?
An Audience is the people in your Praxio account that have access to view a piece of content if they want to. If the user is in the Audience, the content will appear in their Checklist or Training home page, but there is nothing that tells them to look at or view that content. 

What if I have sensitive information that I can't share with everyone?
No problem! You can change the Audience for a piece of content by following the steps below:

Step 1: Begin editing your content. 

You will need to be in Edit mode to change the Audience. Refer to these articles if you aren't sure how to edit your content: 

Step 2: Navigate to the advanced options and scroll down to Audience. 

Step 3: Select the "Publish to select Users and Teams" button. 

This will populate a drop-down of all the users and teams on the account.

Step 4: Toggle "on" the users that you wish to Publish the content to, or Click Teams and Toggle "on" the teams you wish to Publish.

Step 5: Click Save.
The users in the Audience will automatically have access to the content that you Published. 

If you wish to give your Audience a Due Date, you will need to Assign the content.

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