Make an important announcement, update changes, or just say hello to your team by adding a video to your Pulse.  

You can record your video from directly inside of your Praxio account (using your device's camera) by following the steps below:

 Step 1: Navigate to Pulse. 

Step 2: Click "New Post." 

Step 3: Title the Pulse. 

The title will be bolded and larger font than the text. Just like an email subject, make it something concise that will catch the user's attention. 

Here's an example of what the title will look like in the Pulse dashboard: 

Step 4: Type your content. 

Add any necessary links and information you need to share with your team. 

Step 5: Click the camera icon. 

Step 6: Click "Start Camera."

Your device's camera will be turned on. However, you will not start recording until you click "Record."

Step 7: Click "Record."

Record your video and when you're done, click "Stop."

The video will populate in the Pulse modal. Make sure everything looks correct and then, to share it with your team...

Step 8: Click "Post."

To further customize your Pulse, check out this article. 

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