With the continued pursuit of helping you clone all your best people, here is a list of all the changes we've jam-packed into the month of April:

  • Pulse - We've launched a new sharing feature to communicate what matters within your organization. 
  • White label emails - Users will get emails specifically from you with your company logo.
  • All users have the ability to create Trainings (with the exception of viewer-only users). 
  • Custom Checklist images - Differentiate each Checklist and help your team know exactly what they'll be learning by uploading a custom image. 
  • Custom messages - You can now add a custom message when Assigning a Checklist or Training to your users.
  • Viewer only user level. This user level is best for those members that will ONLY consume content and don't need to add content of their own. 
  • My Drive removal - Now you can find your editable content in the place you were probably already looking...within its content type under the 'Drafts' tab

Thank you for your feedback! We want to keep hearing from you, for continued improvement. 

If you'd like to see whats coming soon or have an idea you'd like to share with us... please take a look at the public roadmap 😄

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