Add a Resource to your Training to increase comprehension and ensure that your team truly understands the concepts. 

Resources can be a slide deck to accompany the video lesson, a spreadsheet to track the metrics discussed in the video, or anything you choose! follow the steps below to add a Resource to your Training.   

Step 1: Create the Resource and save it to your computer. 

Remove any special characters in the file name. This is very important... including any of the following characters in the file name will result in an error: ! ( ) * : ‘ “ )

Step 2: Click the + symbol inside of the Module you wish to add the Resource to. 

Step 3: Title the Resource in Praxio. 

The name will be what your users will see when they are completing the Training. 

Step 4: Click "Choose File."

Select the file from your computer. 

Step 5: Save the changes. 

The Resource will now be added to the end of the Module. Your users will be able to access it as soon as they start the Module it is attached to. 

Step 6: Publish the Training and share it with your team. 

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