When creating a new Checklist, you may realize that your users need additional knowledge and training on a subject before they can effectively complete the given process in the Checklist.  This is where Prerequisites come in! Adding a Prerequisite to a Checklist will ensure the user is required to take the necessary Training/Checklist in order to ensure they are ready for the one you’ve assigned.

To assign a pre-requisite Training to a Checklist, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Edit or Create a Checklist 

Step 2: Click the Advanced Options menu.  

Step 3:  Add your Prerequisites.

Select the relevant Training in your Prerequisite field (this step is optional). 

Note: You must have the prerequisite Training already Published in order to select it as a prerequisite. 

Step 4: Publish your Checklist. 

Users who have not completed the prerequisite will see a locked symbol over the Checklist until they complete the corresponding Training. 

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