Documents is your tool for a searchable, centralized knowledge-base for team-wide information. 

A Document is a single piece of information that relates to a larger process or exists on its own. You can decide to Publish it to a select Team, or better yet, make it available to the whole company!

Documents allow you to quickly jot down, store, and use the notes you need daily to get your job done. They are also great for storing more permanent files you don’t want to lose. 

Documents are a great resource to store and edit long term use files that contain important information, such as:
-HR items
-Company Policy
-Legal information
-Important Internal Documents
-Company Mission Statement
-Detailed Product Information
-Employee Role
-Any text heavy document you need easily categorized and searchable

There are many ways to use Documents in Praxio:

Use Documents to share meeting notes and important items, upload files from your computer or Google Drive, add images, and create your project plans. 


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