The process for editing a Document as the Document creator or as a collaborator will remain the same. You have the option to edit an Unpublished or Published Document. 

Follow the steps below to edit a Document:

Step 1: Locate the Document you want to continue editing in Drafts or in Published. 

Step 2: Click anywhere on the Document or hover over the thumbnail and click, "Edit." 

Step 3: Edit the Document and add your remaining content. 

You have many options for editing and adding content to your Document including...

  • Upload a file

  • Add an image

  • Stylize your text 

  • Insert a video

Once you've added all the content,  you're ready to use the Checklist and share it.

Step 4: If needed, preview your Document. 

Step 5: Ensure that your Document is ready to be Published- check for any errors. Make any additional edits if needed. 

Step 6: Publish the Document for your users!

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