1.Find the Accredible API

Step 1: On your Accredible Account, Navigate to your Profile
Step 2: Click Settings
Step 3:
Click API & Integrations
Step 4: You should find a text field at bottom of screen named: “API Key”
Copy the Text in this field, and keep this value handy for later

2.Add Accredible API to Praxio
Note: Have your API Key for this step. You will need to be logged in as an Admin or Super Admin.

Step 1: From the Main Screen in Praxio, click the Settings icon
Step 2: Click the Company Tab
Step 3: Add your API Key to the Credentials Key field.
Step 4: Click "Credentials" select "Accredible"

Congratulations! Accredible is now setup on Praxio. We can now Add Accredible Credentials to a Training

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