1.Get API Key

Step 1: Navigate to http://developers.credly.com
Step 2: Click MyApps
Step 3: Click Create an App
Step 4: Fill out form, and submit
Step 5: Your API Key will appear on the next screen.

Note:You can find your key (and secret) at any time at http://developers.credly.com/my-apps

2.Add API Key to Praxio
Have your API Key for this step. You will need to be logged in as an Admin or Super Admin.

Step 1: From the Main Page in Praxio, click settings
Step 2: Click Company Tab
Step 3: Add API Key to the Credentials Key field.
Step 4: Ensure Credentials Field displays the word Credly
Step 5: Click Save

Congratulations! Credly is now setup on Praxio. We can now Add Credly Credentials to a Training

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