Before adding an Accredible Badges to a Training, please make sure you have Setup Accredible on Praxio

1.Get Group ID
Step 1:
Decide which credential you wish to associate with a training(In Accredible, Badges/Credentials are listed as “Groups”). 

Step 2: Select Groups in the Navigation Bar at the top.

Step 3: Click the Group you want to work with.

Step 4: Click Advanced Settings

Step 5: Click API Integrations.

Step 6: You should find a text field at top of screen named: “Group ID”

Step 7: Copy the Text in this field, and keep this value handy for later

2.Add Group To Credential ID Field

Step 1: In Praxio, navigate to the training you wish to associate with a Badge.

Step 2: Enter edit mode on the training.

Step 3: Click Advanced Options

Step 4: Add the Group ID to the  Credential ID field

Congratulations! Your Training now has an Accredible Badge associated with it!

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