Reward your team members' hard work with Badges! Badges allow them to display their accomplishments to co-workers, friends, and social media. Credential Services, like Credly, allow you to create and customize Credentials, such as Badges, and have them distributed to the correct team members, automatically upon completion of a relevant training. 

Praxio has two great options to choose from, Credly and Accredible.
To get started, you can check out the Accredible and Credly websites, and decide which one is for you. Once you've signed up for the best credentials site for your business, check out the following useful help articles to get your credentials account connected to Praxio!

Certification Help Articles:


Setup Credly on Praxio
Add a Credly Access Token to Praxio
Add Credly Credentials to a Training

Setup Accredible on Praxio
Add Accredible Credentials to a Training

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