With Domain Masking you can replace our URL with your own, and add a customized CNAME to make your Praxio App into a subdomain distinguished from the rest of your website.

Where a typical domain starts with the CNAME “www” as in “www.yourdomain.com” a subdomain starts with a customized CNAME that indicates its purpose. Since Praxio is a training app, most users choose the CNAME “trainings.” So your Praxio-based sub-domain might look something like trainings.yourdomain.com.

Follow these steps to set up your Domain Mask:

Step 1: Navigate to the DNS Management section of your DNS Provider

Step 2: Fill in the fields with the following info:
(Note:The language may be slightly different depending on your DNS provider. If you have trouble contact their customer support team for clarification.)
Type-> CNAME
Host-> (enter value of CNAME, ie  trainings)
Points to -> app.praxio.com (no http)

Step 3:
Navigate to your White-Label page in Praxio 

Step 4:Fill out the text field labeled: “Domain Mask (CNAME to app.praxio.com)”
with your subdomain in the following format “https://CNAME.yourdomain.com.” So if your CNAME is “trainings” it would say “https://trainings.yourdomain.com.” The format is important to follow to prevent an error from being thrown.

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