Email Masking is a lot like Domain Masking. It allows emails from Praxio, such as ones sent to congratulate an employee for completing a training, or let everyone know an important Pulse announcement has been made, to be sent with your company’s email and information. To set this up we first need to create our two TXT records. 

We do this by adding our Email Sending Domain, and our From Email to Praxio. The Email Sending Domain will be the  "root" domain of your site. It should be typed in as follows: 

Step 1: Enter this into the Email Sending Domain text field. ( Note: Do not add https:// or www. or any other information to the front.)

Step 2: For the From Email, specify the email address from which you want your emails sent. You can make up any UserName (the bit before the “at” symbol) you prefer. Once you have added both the Domain Sending Email and From Email click Save. On the right side of the screen you should see two TXT Records populate. 

Step 3:Navigate to the DNS Management section of your DNS Provider, and fill in the following info:
(Note:The language may be slightly different depending on your DNS provider. If you have trouble contact their customer support team for clarification.)
Host-> add “HOSTNAME”  from the first TXT record, ignoring the part with your domain. (For example: if your HOSTNAME shows as, you would remove the “” bit.)
TXT Record -> Enter the text block under the first “ENTER THIS VALUE” on your Praxio White-Label page. 

Step 4: Follow the same process for the second TXT Record.
Type -> TXT
HOSTNAME -> CNAME of Email Sending Domain (for example: if your Email Sending Domain is, you would enter “mail”)
Host-> add “HOSTNAME” from the second TXT Record.
TXT Record Value-> Enter the text block under the second “ENTER THIS VALUE” section on your Praxio White-Label page. This one should be much shorter than the first.

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