We recommend MX records for any and all domains, even if you are only sending messages. 

You can find more info on MX Records here.

Step 1: Have the information from the MX Records section of the Praxio White-Label page handy and head over to the DNS Management section of your DNS Provider, and fill in the following info.
(Note:The language may be slightly different depending on your DNS provider. If you have trouble contact their customer support team for clarification.) 

Type-> MX Priority -> Priority (should be a number)Host -> Subdomain of email sending domain (for example: if your Email Sending Domain is mail.yourdomain.com, you would enter “your site.com”)Points to-> First “ENTER THIS VALUE” item.

Step 2:  Follow the same process for the second MX Record.

Type-> MX
Priority-> Priority (should be a number)
Host -> subdomain of email sending domain
Points to-> Second “ENTER THIS VALUE” item

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